Punch Line no.6

Jacques Poulin-Denis
© Dominique T Skoltz

As en extension to her exhibit y2o_duality presented at the Montreal Arsenal, Dominique T Skoltz showcases the central piece of the installation, “Face to face”, an object of encounter and of interiority. She’s invited the male dancer of the y2o project, Jacques Poulin-Denis, to perform a solo situated between the outer and the inner, between the private and the public. His piece Punch Line (no.6) reveals a crack through which the secrets and confidences of the soul escape drop by drop.

“I’ll be up to date with the newest technologies. I’ll be aware of the most recent news. I’ll give to charities. I’ll be involved in my community. I’ll swear less. I’ll share more. I’ll help my neighbour. I’ll get in touch with my past selves, from my past lives, so as to make my current self, a better self…”

Punch Line no.5 – NEXT2016

Jacques Poulin-Denis
© Jean-Sébastien Dénommé, 2016

The 5th incarnation of the Punch Line solo is an exploration on the subject of resilience.  Presented as part of the NEXT2016 conference, Jacques Poulin-Denis uses his personal story to relate the complexities of perseverance.

La mémoire béton

Jacques Poulin-Denis
© La Fabrique Culturelle

While on tour in Gaspésie with his piece Target of God, Jacques Poulin-Denis met up with the team from La Fabrique Culturelle to create this web piece. Inspired by absence and long periods of waiting, the piece transposes the meanderings of a solitary mind to the seemingly infinite mazelike corridors of Gaspé’s legendary Fort-Péninsule.

Get Back to me – New Crew to Chill

Katrine Patry
© Lost & Found – Danse

Alejandro de Leon and his company Lost & Found invited Jacques Poulin-Denis to choreograph a short work inspired by one of many unusual Craigslist ads. Filmed in a Montreal bar, New Crew to Chill follows a woman’s bittersweet quest to find a new group of friends.


Félix Cossette-Levasseur, Elise Boileau, Jossua Collin-Dufour, Vicky Mérrete
© Luc Lavergne, 2013

If a superstar falls in the forest and there are no paparazzi around to capture the incident, do they still make headlines? In this “mirror world” that consistently traces the contour of our image, where one person’s happiness is another’s obsession, only one mantra guides us: I am seen therefore I am.

Sëlekt was created for the third year students of l’École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal and was presented at the Théâtre Rouge in Montreal, December 11-14, 2013.


Catherine St-Laurent, Jean-Mathieu Ledoux, Kim Henry, Audrey Rochette, Michelle Clermont Daigneault, Simon Vermeulen et Rosie Contant
© Luc Lavergne

Imagine someone so disturbed by a troubling thought that he had forgotten his own body. Was it you, maybe? He had forgotten himself entirely. The pill was so hard to swallow that he had stopped existing. There was no sound or light around him, and yet he had not disappeared. He was really standing there, right before us, on March 20th, 2011, on a subway train in the Montreal metro.

iseeyou was created for the third year students of LADMMI and was presented at the Maison de la Culture Frontenac, May 26-28, 2011.

Glad You’re Here

Jacques Poulin-Denis et Gilles Poulin-Denis
© Celia-Spenard-Ko, 2010

A twisted story, a philosophical drama about domination, manipulation, love and servitude. For the captives of this surreal and nostalgic predicament, flight is stronger than bond.

Presented at the Bain Saint Michel as part of Piss in the Pool, organized by Want&Needs, June 17, 18 and 19 2010.


© Etienne Tremblay

Domestik is a concerto for home appliances. Comprised of 18 refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and other machines, this heavyweight orchestra pays tribute to the sounds of the unknown symphony in our homes.

The piece takes over the Bain Saint-Michel to literally plunge the listener into a surround‑sound performance amplified by 12 speakers. Accompanied by viola da gamba and voice, each machine is equipped with microphones that reveal the range of noises that inhabit them, from the quietest clicks and hums to the most monstrous drones.

Presented at the Bain Saint-Michel, Montreal, March 26-29, 2009.

The Pencil Project

The Pencil Project is an electroacoustic performance inspired by the art of writing and the rich fiction it evokes. Developed by Martin Messier and Jacques Poulin-Denis, the project is a work for musicians playing rudimentary desktop items, such as pencils, scissors, elastic bands, rulers and staplers. From a pencil’s scratchy whispers on a page to the violent textures of shredded paper, an elaborate sound score is created. Writing, scribbling and doodling are transformed into music, as if the thoughts behind the words were revealed to the ear.

In 2010, Montreal’s Youtheatre adapted the project for young audiences. Staged by Michel Lefebvre, two young students must write a spelling test that takes them on an unexpected musical journey. The Pencil Project was performed over 60 times and seen by more than 14,000 children throughout Canada. Given the way the project helps children aged from 6 to 12 discover sonic art, it was nominated for production of the year at the Young Audiences Music Awards in 2013.

Pratices – Sup Kwan Sup

© Woon-Shik Yi

Practices explores the boundaries between the sacred, the profane, the habitual and the ritualistic. How have divine gestures such as mealtime prayers become mundane, while television series are followed with an almost religious obsession? Have these new customs become our modern spirituality? Jacques Poulin-Denis probes into the Korean culture to explore how such practices act as anchors in our lives.

The LIG Arts Foundation in Seoul invited Jacques Poulin-Denis, accompanied by dancer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, to create the piece Practices with a team of Korean artists and collaborators during an 8-week residency.